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11-04-2013, 04:52 PM
I really hope the increase in the mark costs is not a result of people on Tribble having a lot of marks. This is from the space zone not spawning the boss fight and instead granting 10 DM every 1-2 minutes to everyone in the zone. Without that bug DM are not all that easy to come across, especially in the numbers you want us to use them in now.

This also kind of shoots the usefulness of the 350 DM for 5 Commendations in the foot. It went from an expensive project I could see doing if I was not going to be able to play for awhile to a project I probably can't ever afford to use. 20 DM for 150xp is also probably more of a waste then I'll be able to afford to do. I'll need to keep every DM I can get in order to be able to afford any of the gear. And my thought of getting the space sets is kind of down the drain now that the cost has gone from 2250 to 4200 DM. Ground set went from cool, maybe I'll pick up a couple of this set to no thanks. 750 DM with the current rewards was doable but even with the bugs it took me a long time of sitting in the space map to get enough to pick up the ground set. If you fix the space map then picking up 1500 DM is probably going to take me a month of work.

The change in the EC costs and values make even less sense to me. After the change the free item you get will be sellable for around 4500-9800EC. Its likely to average out to the cost of one of the 150xp projects, which is not bad. However you are dumping large amounts of EC into the system from every other part of the game. I get a lot of junk ground gear on Defera while I"m hunting marks, this is going to increase my EC from that by 3-4x.

Increasing the DM mark cost of the 1h project change it from 20 to 40 DM to get the 2800xp. While its true that the total number of marks needed to cap is up to 1465 I can't really say that 150xp for 20DM feels like a good trade off. Getting 7.5xp per DM when I know I now need 1000s of DM for any of the sets will probably lead to my not bothering to do the 150xp project anymore, unless I end up with 5k DM or more somehow I'll just do the free project, level a bit slower then with the other reps, make a sponsership token and just level alts using the free project as well.

EDIT: Oh and some consumables in the Dyson Rep might be nice. Only rep I see without some sort of consumable item to get.

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