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11-04-2013, 05:16 PM

The Dyson crap space set that is by far the worst set to come across this game was jacked up to almost 1k rep points LOL. After testing it for a long period of time it is so bad I would use the breen set over it if I had to choose something that was crap but was better crap than the dyson set. Yeah Cryptic good luck with the what 950 marks for something that is basically worse than what any player already has.

Also yea gotta make sure those romulans don't have any clipping problems but KHG costumes still broken after a year now.

Yeah a lot of hype but its kinda sad that such lengths are taken to try to get players to return just to get them more peeved off than they are already when the issues surrounding season 7 haven't been fixed or addressed.

HA lol Hype + Less grindy = Sponsorship token - players seeing thru spun hype and seeing its just as grindy if not more = fail.

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