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11-04-2013, 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
Sounds good in theory.
In practice, this would be a massive mistake!

I know in the future, the level cap is going up and at that time, I'm really going to appreciate having some untouched missions to do that will help speed that along.

But if I do them here and now for a momentary advantage, that option will no longer exist.
When you replay them, the rewards are much diminished.

They do, but not enough to count.
Also, this character has very limited DOFFs, I got what I needed to do Diplomacy and that was it.
I know from experience building a proper DOFF crew is an intensive exercise and as I mentioned before, I have no interest in doing that again.
Well then you have a choice. Do what they told you to do, and get your expertise, or don't, and keep trying hard to get some. They are giving you the, really, ONLY way to get expertise at end game.

As to the future level cap, as with the last time they raised the level cap, they installed missions to get you to the level cap, or darn close to it. If you chose to not do the missions in the off chance that within the life of the game they may (MAY) raise the level cap and for whatever reason not give us corresponding content, that is also your concern.

But.. then don't complain about a lack of expertise. It's out there... you're just choosing to not go and get it for your own reasons.