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Yeah, Cryptic basically approached the KDF as if it were an armored version of the Federation, when the Klingon Empire has NEVER been like that. If aliens served on ships, they did so as menial labor. Klingons have always filled in the need for manpower.

Having all manner of species wandering around on KDF installations/planets is just immersion-breaking for anyone who gets stuck on that detail.

At the very least, it would have been nice to have different dialogue for every sub-species, to emphasize the fact that there are supposed to be differences in culture and outlook. But that would require Cryptic actually caring about the KDF's development and actually devoting significant resources to flesh out the faction entirely. Much better to just slap on the missing levels, re-do the tutorial, and declare it 100% finished.
Well, personally, one way to look at that, is they're getting too stretched thin, and have subjugated too many differing kingdoms/empires, to get away with treating them all as incapable of being warriors, and only fit for menial labourers. As well, specifically to the Orions, heck, sure the Orions did ask to become part of the Empire, however, if they had thought they would be treated as garbage, I think they would either have gone off on their own (Orion mini empire anyone?), or the Klin would really have a bad criminal element, acting against, and sabotaging, every facet of their Empire (and the Orions are fully capable of doing just that).
Whereas, with the current status, all the differing races that are currently capable under KDF laws and regulations, of becoming ships' crew and commanders, have a stake in seeing the KDF prosper.

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