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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
I appreciate everyones suggestions.

Defera - Often I have to wait for 3 hours to find a KDF group and it's very painful to waste time just standing there waiting for a group. At best, while waiting I get the Probe and earn 60 marks.

Mine Trap and CE - Not really enough Fleet Marks to earn work on projects.

No Win Scenario - requires you to be in a group to farm it. Not to mention its likely going to be nerfed as an exploit.

CXP Conversion - I won't do. To get a 100 Fleet Marks in converting 10,000 CXP, which takes months to get back. So I would spend all my CXP on one single Fleet Project and have to wait another month to do again.

Yes, they may seem like excuses, but you are basically saying I have to work 10x harder to level up my Klingon Starbase compared to Federation Starbases where I could constantly get in Fleet Mark Events without problems. That's the thing that people aren't understanding. It's harder for Klingons now and how can we move forward if we have to work harder for less of a reward? You know?
Head to Defera and summon your bridge crew away team. I have solo's all of the Defera hard's that way xD. I should post a fraps recording on youtube

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