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11-05-2013, 04:20 AM
thats other thinking the idea and technology for you! i hate technology.

It starts crudely, it has a short time where it is at it gets better then reaches it's best then someone over thinks the design and it get worse and worse until people get nostalgic for the past. The game was fine when it was simpler, before f2p you may of had separate commendations from the borg stf's in GO, exploration and such, but all you had to do is some simple grinding for a few hours and you got enough to head to the right location to get that MK X weapon or armor you wanted and that would be the end of it.

But now.. you spend at least a month on grinding xp for tiers and several more weeks to grind to required amounts of resources to get these big items you want from the reps. it has gotten over complicated, it is no fun and casual players are penalized for not wanting to do the reps that can get them excellent kits and ship gear pieces. even the fleet has it's own rep system which is also just as complex and a number of fleets are more closed minded because they want people who have a lot of fleet marks and dilithium to put all their efforts into fleet affairs like another drone.

This is the latest example of what i mean, it's another hollow excuse and yet another complicated design feature. I sometimes wish they remove the rep system altogether and put all that kit and ship stuff to specific vendors once again so social places like DS9, Drozana, ESD, RCC, FC, Gonalda, K7, MA and SB37 would have a purpose to serve then just a placeholder just for the hell of it. Then refine all these specific commendations into two groups, Fleet and General. that way you only have EC, Zen, Dil, Fleet and General to worry about and the game is significantally more easier to work with while the devs can work on just pure content then crap.
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