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11-05-2013, 05:33 AM
If the mark rewards are increased by a modest amount, by the time this all hits Holodeck, all will be probably fine. Don't need an insane amount of increase here, just a modest 'hopeful' amount, will do. I assure you, that if this all hits Holodeck, as is, the HOWL you will hear, is the player community (between possible server crashes and whatnot,) decrying tenfold over the lack of marks, to keep up with projects.

And can we get to a comprehensive, game wide clean up and polish of the game, once this goes live? Just shoving new content at us, isn't going to cut it, much longer, if the old content remains iffy and buggy, in too many places. I fear this will be the fate of the new content as well, down the unstreamlined warp trail here. Had to get that part out.