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11-05-2013, 07:53 AM
Originally Posted by mazzmanone View Post
my gosh man, this is a game, not life!

so all I see is people talking about how grindy the game is, how long it takes to do something, and all I see is a bunch of people that think they should be gods in a game that they are to prevent people from being just that,

if you look at star trek as a whole, everyone is equal, it wasn't what they had to do anything with, it was thinking on how to do it with what you had, turning rocks and bamboo in to a cannon, learning how something works and moving past it with only the rocks and bamboo.

one mans dream, a dream that we can all live together and work together as a hole. he has to be rolling in his grave.

it's about concept, not power!!!!

just a thought
Congrats on missing everything going on here. That's impressive.

You're right in one regard though, this is a game. Games are meant to be fun. Fun, however, is subjective from person to person. What we're doing here is giving feedback to the devs that the changes they made make the game less fun for many of us as well as defeating the goals that they outlined for this new rep system. No one here is asking to "be gods in game" but rather we were happy with the old prices and didn't think that they needed to be changed.

In addition, this is a forum for the test server. It exists for players to test things and give feedback on content and changes that the devs make. How do they know what we like and don't like if we don't tell them so? They could look at the numbers of people participating in content, sure. That doesn't necessarily tell them why though.

And that's exactly what we're doing here. Giving them feedback based on changes that they made on the test server. Now is the time to give them that feedback before it hits the live server.

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