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11-05-2013, 07:55 AM
The only real non-cstore/lockbox Romulan Sci Vessel is the Ha'nom, which is probably the big warbird you are talking about. But as to what the best ship for a Sci Captain, it does not need to be a Science ship. It all depends if you want to use the higher end Sci bridge officer abilities or not. If you are looking at doing max dps, a sci ship is not the way to go.

Also, about your comment regarding the potential of your bridge officers, sci boff abilities were pretty much nerfed into being very underwhelming, and depend a great deal on your captain skills (things like flow cap, particle gen, etc), and sci consoles that support the particular power you are using. Generally, for sci, you need to concentrate on using one or two high end powers only, and then skill your captain and equip sci consoles to support it. As far as skill point efficiency, probably the top three high end sci boff abilities that are relevant are Gravity Well, Energy Drain and Tyken's Rift. The latter two are easy to allocate skill points for (flow caps) and consoles (flow caps). Use polaron weapons and the jem hadar space set, and you have what is probably the most narrowly focused (and thus maximumly effective at the skills in question) that you can get right now with the current state of sci and equipment.

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