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Originally Posted by nymysys1 View Post
The only real non-cstore/lockbox Romulan Sci Vessel is the Ha'nom, which is probably the big warbird you are talking about. But as to what the best ship for a Sci Captain, it does not need to be a Science ship. It all depends if you want to use the higher end Sci bridge officer abilities or not. If you are looking at doing max dps, a sci ship is not the way to go.
Yeah, that's the one I'm using now.
It's ok.
Would be better if it had one or two more abilities slots for my engineer and tactical bridge officers.

The other ships I've tried are just too damn slow.

I dunno, maybe a Scientist was the wrong choice.

Ah, then I see I have gone about developing this character completely wrong then. I will try to muddle through with him until I can afford more character slots.

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