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Well, that all depends. You will have no trouble with any content as a sci captain. If you are a min/max type of player (nothing wrong with that) who wants to maximize damage potential to grind content as fast as possible, then tac is the way to go. However, its the tac boff abilities that are far more important than the captain abilities. With a Sci, your sensor scan helps with the damage (as well as photonic fleet). Its far more important to chose the right ship than the type of captain, unless, again, you a min-maxer and that last few precent of dps means that much to you.

I made a KDF tac last weekend, got her (orion) up to 40, then deleted her. I then made a KDF male klingon sci officer with a specific intent - I wanted a fleet to roll around in. I chose sci specifically because of photonic fleet - I can use the photonic capacitor trait to lower the cooldown on photonic fleet. He flies a vo'quv with BOP pets and an energy drain build. With photonic fleet popping every two minutes or so, with the BOPs, nimbus pirate call and the scorpion fighter device, I have my one man fleet.

All depends on what you want to do.
As a newb, I admit I'm at a loss on some of the lingo still.
I'm not (at this point anyway) interested in zerging through content. I'm sure that will happen eventually, but right now, I'm still a flower sniffer. I don't even get into teamspeak right now because it ruins the immersion for me. I think my fleeties are getting mad at me, lol.

I've only got 3 toons right now. And I'm just trying out different things to find what suits my current play style best.

And I have my Romulan Scientist and ship set up pretty much to be it's own fleet as well. But since I'm obviously still a newb, I'm sure there is something I've missed that is lowering the effectiveness of my ship.