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11-05-2013, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by brewtolomus View Post
As a newb, I admit I'm at a loss on some of the lingo still.
I'm not (at this point anyway) interested in zerging through content. I'm sure that will happen eventually, but right now, I'm still a flower sniffer. I don't even get into teamspeak right now because it ruins the immersion for me. I think my fleeties are getting mad at me, lol.

I've only got 3 toons right now. And I'm just trying out different things to find what suits my current play style best.

And I have my Romulan Scientist and ship set up pretty much to be it's own fleet as well. But since I'm obviously still a newb, I'm sure there is something I've missed that is lowering the effectiveness of my ship.
Yeah, I would suggest you keep doing what you are doing, find out what you like flying, and experiment. As was said above, you can respec your captain skills (depending on if you are a sub or not, you may have a few free respecs available) and retraining boffs is trivial. Grav well is supposedly being boosted in Season 8, and the devs have said they want to give sci ships some unique capability (like they did with cruiser commands) in the future.

To me, sci is interesting simply because it has some variety in its abilities, and I like the challenge of making it more viable with whats available rather than just stacking dps.