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Originally Posted by twam View Post
Difference being that, once you're done with your daily grind in the new system, you gotta wait for 20 hours a pop, before you can play the slider game again. Old system didn't have that. Nor paying dil to claim your reward.

Except the old system had people who never got anything for reasons stated above, because everyone rolled Need on everything long before the new system. I have fleetmates that spent the 2+ years from Beta to S7 and never seen the drops they needed to get Mk XII STF gear, because of d-bags that wanted an extra token to stockpile or whatever. And keeping in mind that this was before all the STFs got moved into the queue system, they were spending 3 hours or more to get zilch every day.

I myself never touched an STF before S7 despite being an LTS because I have neither the time nor inclination to raid. Now everyone has access to raid-grade content and is guaranteed a return on their investment. The only real gambling left in this MMO is lockboxes, and I'm happy to let that stay where it is.

If you so desperately want the "thrill" of whiffing a loot roll you really needed or not seeing the pair of pants you just spent a dozen runs trying to get to drop, play The Old Republic.