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Originally Posted by captiandata1 View Post
get the free Obelisk carrier while you have achance to get it for free. is a good tank with out using any engineering abilities but at some point you are going to have to heal hall damage
or want more power to to hey systems. between the basic scoripons and the Obelisk carrier basic swarmers fighter i personally like the swarmers better. i have not tired the free hidden advance swarmers yet. and the elite are i have also nto tried yet
I've got one of those hideous ships for each of my toons.
It is ok on my Fed Engineer, because he had a slow moving ship before.
On my Tac, it was horrible. So I moth-balled it.

I will give it a shot on my Romulan Scientist. Maybe it's tankiness will make up it's abysmal maneuverability.