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11-05-2013, 11:06 AM
After playing Tribble today, all i can say this Rep current change is even worst than the previous Rep's... in the old Rep's with 1 character u just can do 1 PvE Queue get marks then set up ur 800-2000 20 hours rep point project's then switch to another character and do the same thing. but with this Dyson Rep with now the double the reward cost, ur character will have grind alot marks to setup 150 rep points every hour per character... sure this will get u to Tier 1 dyson rep and maybe Tier 2 faster, but what about Tier 3 and 4? this will make this Rep to the ultimate grind in term forcing players to use 1 character instead mutiple character which many players paid to get extra character slots only to be forced to use 1 toons or a few in a day, if Cryptic claims they made this game for casual players, then why they're treating people like they gonna be on STO all day while they got other things to do like work or going out hanging out with some friends. and if hardcore STO players wants to be on all day, then reward them and as for casual players make it less harder for them to grind. especially for players with mutiple toons... this is not ''Weekend Warrior'' friendly.

Why even double the reward cost to begin with?

Why not double the reward rep points from 150 to 300 with the increased reward cost to Dyson Mark Project while still having the the same rewards from dyson missions? because the fact is 150 points is waaay too low for the long term especially for casual players.

Why theres not a Dyson mark Queue's to compenstate for this increased rewards cost for dyson mark projects? so far i have not seen none and i don't think most people gonna hang around the dyson sphere all day, every day to finished maximizing only 1 or 2 character Dyson Rep at a time.