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11-05-2013, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by playhard88 View Post
I would try ground if i could use some of my characters, but they are fully spect for space (Skills and traits), and i wont spent time making a new character just for ground pvp, i would like to use some of my 4 chars...
Depends a bit what you aim for.. if you just want a toon that works decently on ground and does do average good in ground pvp skill points wont be your issue, 66k is sort-of enough for one kit.. when it comes to traits you'll have to cut space down to the necessary and get 2-3 ground traits in tho.

When it comes to wanting to be great on ground as in maximizing things.. i bet you'll not want to use one of your 4 toons anyway, unless one of the 4 is a caitian.

You could just make a new one tho, with the double xp weekend still going on its a matter of 2-3 days + the reputation madness afterwards

But then.. for some reason i seem to like making alts.. i've like 16 toons for pvp already (8 space, 8 ground) and 12 of em are finished reputation too lol.
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