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11-05-2013, 10:56 AM
I've dialed back the cost of the space set (shield, deflector, engine and warp core) a tad. The costs were reduced from 900 marks to 750 marks. This was done for a couple of reasons:

1) These are the most expensive sets in the rep.

2) The price reduction can easily be justified due to player complaints and the fact that New Romulus rep space set pieces are 750 each.

You might be wondering why mark costs were adjusted at all. In short, we plan out exactly how many marks, energy credits and dilithium players will need to spend to progress through the a given reputation. This gives us an idea of how long, and how much effort is required for a player to "finish" a reputation.

Our goals with this new take on a reputation were to solve a number of pain points and player complaints:

1) Give players the ability to earn reputation XP without ever spending a single mark. If you only do the daily Dyson rep XP project and never do a single hourly rep XP project you will progress and 89.3% of the speed you would if you completed the large and small XP projects in older reps. You also don't spend energy credits or expertise.

2) Allow players to complete a single chunk of content of their choice to ultimately earn a large amount of reputation experience. This comes in the form of earning a Dyson Joint Command Commendation once per day by completing a few missions in the Space Adventure Zone, the daily in the Ground Battle Zone or completing the Storming the Spire or Breach PvE queue. This allows players to log in for 15-30 minutes a day and make significant progress. This coupled with point 1 above gives the players a choice on how they want to progress.

3) Give players an immediate reward for fulfilling the requirements of a rep XP project. We did this by granting a Dyson Equipment Requisition box that gives a Mk XII piece of equipment from the stores that get unlocked by this reputation.

4) Grant dilithium store unlocks by achieving a tier in the reputation instead of having these stores require a separate project to unlock them. This allows players to spend Dilithium to purchase a desired console or weapon if they didn't obtain it from a Dyson Equipment Requisition box.

5) Reduce mark cost on Tier unlocks. It can be frustrating to spend your marks to progress only to earn enough reputation XP to unlock the next tier of the reputation, but then not have enough marks to actually complete the tier upgrade project! From a technical stand point, all reputation projects need an input. So, we reduced the required inputs from 10/20/30/40/50 to 5 across the board to minimize this potential frustration and unnecessary mark sink.

6) Accommodate casual, mid-core and hard core play styles. I hate to clump players into a generic play style. As any given player can fall into a different style on different days of the week depending on how much time they have dedicated to playing for a given play session. Not only that, but these terms have highly debatable definitions.

That said, we tried to make the reputation more engaging for a larger group of players. Casual players can pop on for 15 minutes and kick off their daily XP project. Hardcore players who want to progress can do so by continuing to play after they've completed their daily rep project by completing hourly projects. We also created a project intended to assist players who play in long play sessions, but only a couple of times per week.

Not only that, but we have content for all types of players. Soloers (Space Adventure Zone and to some extent the Ground Battle Zone), 5 Person groups (Queues and Ground Battle Zone), Large Coordinated Groups (Ground Battle Zone).

7) We also wanted to offer only the highest quality equipment, so we got rid of Mk X, Mk XI and blue quality gear from this reputation. This also means that there are valuable projects at each tier. Not just at Tiers 4 and 5. Point 1) above allows you to both progress and complete these projects as you progress through each tier.

After doing all of the above, we discovered that we were happy with the rate of progression through the reputation. However, we felt that the overall mark inputs for the rep were drastically lower than we had intended. So, we adjusted the costs of the hourly project and the equipment projects. Even after doing so, the Dyson Reputation still accomplishes the above 7 points. The "grind" is still less than other reps and you'll never hit a point while experiencing Season 8's content where you have nothing to do, due to queue lockout timers. You can always go to the Space Adventure Zone or Ground Battle Zone while you're waiting for Storming the Spire and the Breach to be off cooldown. The acquisition of marks outside of queued events aren't largely tied to daily missions (like the Tau Dewa Patrol). Instead, we offer both daily missions with large mark rewards AND we also have tons of repeatable content with no cooldown.

The total number of marks to reach Tier 5 in the Dyson Joint Command and obtain each set piece comes in a little over 7400 marks. New Romulus comes in a little under 6000 (to reach Tier 5, purchase 1 space set and the secondary space set), but it also doesn't include a fourth space set piece, nor does it include a ground set like the Dyson Joint Command reputation does. In short, the Dyson Joint Command reputation offers more reward options and has a pricing scheme very similar to New Romulus, but you never have to spend a single mark to progress.

Also, it's important to note that there will be a large reward bundle upon reaching Tier 5 in the reputation. This will include a large amount of Sphere Marks, Dilithium, etc. and will also include a very special unique reward that... I can't talk about...

As usual, sorry for the wall of text, but I did want to explain our goals with this reputation system change. I realize that the changes to mark costs likely come as both a surprise and a disappointment to you all. However, it was always our intention to have the baseline progression and acquisition of equipment rate to be very similar to that of New Romulus.

Phil "Gorngonzolla" Zeleski