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Originally Posted by brewtolomus View Post
I've got one of those hideous ships for each of my toons.
It is ok on my Fed Engineer, because he had a slow moving ship before.
On my Tac, it was horrible. So I moth-balled it.

I will give it a shot on my Romulan Scientist. Maybe it's tankiness will make up it's abysmal maneuverability.
Yeah, if you like to maneuver in a ship with a high turn rate (like an escort or fed sci ship) a full carrier like the obelisk is not for you. For the one I have, I just kept it stock, replaced the def/eng/shld with the Aegis set (though the stock fittings would be just fine), used Beam Fire at Will 1 and 2 in the LT Tac, Tac Team 1 in the Ensign Universal, Hazard Emitters/Transfer Shield Strength and Polarize Hull in LTC Sci, and Emergency Power to Shields 1 and 2 with Auxiliary to SIF and some other tanking Eng abilities in the Eng Boffs.

If you have not used/do not know how to use keybinds, go here and set it up. You can edit the text file very quickly to add more trays (I have trays 8, 9 and 10 set up for it). Drag copies of all your boff abilities and things like sensor scan, scattering field and subnucleonic beam, along with the launch swarmer buttons to these trays. Set you weapons on auto (right click on each one so they icon border is green).

How to fly it is simple; fly into range and press your space bar repeatedly every couple of seconds. For all non-STF content, this will work fine. I found that for normal content, I was not using a lot of the abilities I had simply because I did not need them, and spent less time enjoying the battle as I was constantly watching cool down timers. Unless you are trying specific builds that require specific rotations at certain times, just spamming all your powers as they come off cool down is fine. With the Obelisk set up with the keybinds above, you just fly right into the thick of things, you will be firing at everything, the swarmers will be replaced on the launch cool down, and your defensive cool downs will keep you alive just fine (for things like the Tau Dewa patrol missions and anything like that). No real thought needed.

Do Sphere of Influence repeatedly to grab the extra part of the set and perhaps enough AP arrays to replace the projectile weapons on it (to max your beam spammage). Pretty much a fire and forget content chewer.

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