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11-05-2013, 12:33 PM
Please tell us that UP FRONT next time. Like when something goes live. I can't speak for the entire playerbase, but some of us were thinking that these new lower costs were part of the whole "new rep experience" that was being bandied about.
Reduced project cost was never part of the improved rep experience. It was something we were experimenting with on Tribble. Tribble is a test environment, not a live play shard. Everything is subject to change. Reading the patch notes on tribble is us telling you up front.

No one came forward... that I'm aware of... and told us "oh these are just accelerated tribble testing numbers." Therein lies the problem. There was much discussion about the new lower rep costs and NO ONE officially came forward and said "hey yeah no... these are just testing numbers for now."
It would be dishonest of me to tell you these were testing numbers. It's true we halved project costs as a sort of test, but we had the intention that if these values worked out, we would ship them to live. However, we found that these changes ultimately were counter to our goal I mentioned in my last post.

This is the kind of negative buzz that can slowly erode a playerbase. Cryptic has a reputation (heh) of letting these things happen... and frankly it needs to change.

My challenge to you, Mr. Gorgonzola is to find a way to make sure this kind of thing does not happen again. Work with your fellow dev-team members, Fearless Leader Stahl and the Mighty Branflakes to improve your communication to us... the customers.
Over the course of the Season 8 development I have been quite present on the forums. I post as often as I can and when I don't post it's either because I have nothing useful to say at the time, or I am too busy to post. If I posted half as much as I'd like, I wouldn't be getting anything done. Communication with our playerbase has always been something I try to improve and will continue to do so in the future. There's always room for improvement when it comes to communication both in and out of the forums.

The end result being an almost unanimous outcry when out of the blue costs increase any where from 100 to 300% for seemingly no reason at all.
The bottom line is that values will change on Tribble. They'll go up, they'll go down. Sometimes they'll do both. What's most important to remember is that you can change the game. The best way to do this is to provide objective and constructive feedback when changes are made. We're more likely to take constructive posts to heart that provide solutions to problems instead of just pointing out a problem.

Is this super secret "unique Reward" the costume unlock or something else entirely?

Guess I will have to get back to the battlezone and work my character up to t5.
The special "sooper seekrit" reward isn't currently available on Tribble. So, don't work your way up hoping to see the reward. I thought I would warn you about that ahead of time.

Most likely it'll be some pinch of dilithium which will be nothing but pennies and then some new vanity item that goes into the ever problem of storage crisis with these limited time type items that are just clutter to even further the ever growing problem of not providing enough storage from the influx of items.
Dilithium is included, but is only part of the reward package. The reward is not a vanity item. The reward does not go into your inventory bag.

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