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11-05-2013, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I would love to see a Gorn rebellion storyline that offers Gorn flavored rewards and a storyline written from their PoV.
I would love to see an Orion subterfuqe storyline that shows what they are really up to and brought to Jmpok to become a part of the faction with Orion flavored rewards and PoV.
I would also love to see a Nauscican mini storyline of missions that offers the same.

Such a series of missions would both feed the fans of those races and give a better image of the KDF being a loose allaince of races instead of a fed faction clone with spiky bits.

Ambassador S'taass, what do you have to say to that idea?

"He knows nothing about Honour!"

I couldn?t resist!

What I realy want is for Cryptic to break with doctrine. Say with the Voth. It is pretty clear that they are simply taking what was presented in Voyager and running with it. It feels like classic boring humanwank fanfiction.

I would realy love it if we would find out the the Voyager crew were wrong about the Voth origin (so they are actually natural to their Quadrant in space and any resemblance with dinousaurs is pure coincidence) and would most assuredly rejoice at some J'mpok love, fed tears would be a welcome bonus