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11-05-2013, 01:05 PM
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Depends a bit what you aim for.. if you just want a toon that works decently on ground and does do average good in ground pvp skill points wont be your issue, 66k is sort-of enough for one kit.. when it comes to traits you'll have to cut space down to the necessary and get 2-3 ground traits in tho.

When it comes to wanting to be great on ground as in maximizing things.. i bet you'll not want to use one of your 4 toons anyway, unless one of the 4 is a caitian.
I know I'm going to take a lot of fire for this, but I think Dodge chance needs to be capped at 75% chance. Dodge chance is out of control, it is so very easy to get a 100% dodge chance to Caitians. Non-caitians can get 97.1% dodge with a 100% uptime. A 75% dodge chance would ensure that at least 25% of attacks still dealt full damage, making Caitians less desirable, which would in turn increase the overall variety of races in ground PvP. We all know it's very unlikely Cryptic will ever remove the +10% dodge on all Caitains, but this would be something at the very least.

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You could just make a new one tho, with the double xp weekend still going on its a matter of 2-3 days + the reputation madness afterwards

But then.. for some reason i seem to like making alts.. i've like 16 toons for pvp already (8 space, 8 ground) and 12 of em are finished reputation too lol.
I think I'd go insane if I leveled 12 alts though the rep system at the current rep speed.