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Originally Posted by mwhitaker View Post
Head to Defera and summon your bridge crew away team. I have solo's all of the Defera hard's that way xD. I should post a fraps recording on youtube
As I said previously, I have been going to Defera and you have to wait hours to find a KDF group, since there is so few who go there.

And not sure how you can do Defera Hards with your BOFFs, since it requires you to be in a group of 3 players to do them.

Originally Posted by twam View Post
I don't know man, I've grabbed about 1.7k KDF FM's in a couple of days, this past week.

Between Fleet Alert (50ish), Colony Invasion (50ish), Crystalline Entity Elite (85), Mine Trap (100ish; no cooldown) and the Ocasional pug NWS (anywhere between 17 and 90ish) it was enough to keep me cycling non-stop during bonus hour and reasonably fast outside of it. And you can generally run a cycle like that in less than an hour. *shrug*

And that's only because we don't have a KDF NWS team up yet...

I'd say it's definitely been worse. I just wish the Starbase Defence queue would fill, or be made cross-faction (optionally, maybe).
I appricate people reminding me there are other ways, but the point is the other methods are not primary ways to earn Fleet Marks, which was the intention of the Fleet Mark Event. And if nobody does it, well doing the other things takes a lot more work to earn those fleet marks that you would get during a Fleet Mark Event.

And that's my point of this thread, I for one, don't want to be stuck literally hours grinding away at smaller events to earn the same fleet marks I would get in a few Fleet Mark Event runs. Especially when it's far easier with the Federation side, due to the higher population. That's why I'm asking if Cryptic would think of something to aid Klingon Fleets. Especially very small Klingon fleets who are just barely making anykind of progress.

And I'll tell you, it is a job to build a Starbase in STO on the Klingon side.

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