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11-05-2013, 05:25 PM
Postin' mine up. I've gone for an overall theme to mine, based on the Starfleet divsional colours;


Magellan's crew uniform, comprises divisional colours to make up the main colour for the Odyssey uniform top, coupled with a black shoulder-area and a white stripe to break them up. Same uniform on my Sci main, although it's not as easy to see on her crew due to unique boffs and whatnot.

Keval's uniform - the Andorian - uses a slightly darker look but frankly, it's a placeholder for until the ENT Maco Uniforms are released. In that one, the division colour is the stripe, and the rest is coloured black.

Klingon Defense Force

Pretty straightforward. Reclaw's crew don't have a style because frankly, the HG uniform trumps anything the Klingon Boffs can use.

Praxis' crew have access to the Bortasqu' uniform, so it's colour-coded like Starfleet Division colours - blue sci, yellow eng, red tac etc.

Romulan Republic

Again, sticking with the divisional colours theme - Red for Tac, Blue for Sci, Green for Eng (Because yellow is practically impossible on the Rom color pallete). Ventarix's crew sport brown leather boots, cuffs, belts and chest gear, whereas N'Ventars' stick to black leather. Captain's totally wearing the wrong outfit in that image but ah screw it.
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