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11-05-2013, 08:08 PM
Based on the size of Halo's U.N.S.C. Infinity, which is 5.7 km long and has 17000 crew, the 135 km city ship could house about 400000 people. That seems off to me, seeing as a 3km Borg cube could house up to 130000 crew, though I doubt the Voth would force their citizens into dwelling in alcoves. Say a Borg cube of 3km sustained 80000 crew, doing the math, a city ship could, by those standards, support a compliment of roughly 3.6 million. Dayum. Das big. But if it's as big as that diagram shows, the hell with the Borg. To whoever made that post about why the Voth aren't the lead power in the delta all seriousness, the Feds need to take one of these, and convert it into a blockade runner. Install primary, secondary, and tertiary redundant shielding to the fore of the ship, reroute all non-essential power to forward shields, install ablative armoring, and back that with forcefield shrouded reinforced hull armor. Instant anti-Borg transwarp battering ram. With that, you could literally PLOW through a TACTICAL FUSION CUBE. I can only say, that after this, we can only logically blame all of our galaxy's assimilation issues on the assumed-duty-shirking Voth.

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