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The scale of this thing, 134km long is Death Star scale. The first Death Star according to Wookiepedia was 160km in diameter with a total embarked crew complement of 1.7 million. Now this thing is designed differently and doesn't have the volume or the mass, but still the million mark is pretty easy to hit. Consider, that thing is bigger than New york fact New York to Philly is only about 156km. 8 million people can fit into New York and a starship is going to have a much larger population density than a standard city (though maybe not my closet apartment New York). Also consider that it actually probably has greater living area than most metropolitan areas on account that it has more vertical space. That thing is way taller than any skyscraper. She's a true titan. Ship must run on the power cosmic. run's on SPIRAL POWER SO MAN UP AND BECOME THE STARSHIP THAT WARPS TO THE HEAVENS! THAT'S HOW TEAM FEDKLINGROM ROLLS BABY!
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