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If you put beams on your cruiser and do a A2B+FaW build, you still do the DPS but now you do not have the tradeoff of firing arc.
I wouldn't say there's no tradeoff. Beam arrays have a 250-degree firing arc, so your effective firing arc is merely 70 degrees to the sides. Your agility remains fairly bad, especially compared to an EPTE Escort, who can easily stay out of this arc or simply duck out of range. A FAWboat isn't nearly as agile.

Additionally, your damage is undirected. Additional targets, including things which you shouldn't shoot, diffuse your damage and can even harm you and your team. On top of that, configured in this manner, your ship is nearly entirely inflexible. Every single slot on your ship is being utilized for this singular purpose, leaving you with nothing else that you can do: Your ability to crossheal is even worse than an Escort's now, since at least an Escort has a functional Hazard Emitter and TSS on demand, whereas you do not: Yours is locked to a specific cycle if you want it to be worth anything, or tied to battery cooldown.

Originally Posted by logicalspock View Post
You are seeing more and more escorts trying the same build because they can often do more damage simply by speed tanking and using an A2B build with FaW than they can with a traditional DHC build.
ATB-FAW is almost wholly redundant on an Escort, since they have no problems carrying enough tactical powers without the need to resort to chicanery. BeamScorts have always been around.