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Originally Posted by tazurensavulen View Post
Now I will have that song on a loop ever time I run The Breach! CURSE YOU!
Alternative Songs for Looping or making a playlist for "The Breach" STF:

1. Sorario Days Tengen Toppa Edition

2. The Unsung War from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

3. Take a Shot followed by Don't Be Long followed by Ace of Aces

4. Rex Tremedae Megalith Agnus Dei from Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies

and last but not least (for right now) because this is second to none the most awesome track in existence and only needs one word for it's epicness to be known...

5. Zero

EDIT: Another one for the list

6. The Liberation of Gracemaria

EDIT2: In all seriousness...I say the Escorts and any ships with at least a Lt. Commander Universal or Tactical BOff slot runs Torp Spread 3 and Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torps...because nothing says "Torp you and the Dinosaur you rode in on!" like a Starfleet/Romulan/Klingon Torpedo Massacre.

EDIT3: Bonus points if it is Scimitars/B'rel Retrofits/T'varo Retrofits with Enhanced Cloak.

EDIT4: Dear Cryptic STO Ship Design Team...I would like to request that the 4th Anniversary is every faction getting access to an Omega/Dyson Strike Force/SCE and KDF/RR-equivalent designed Carrier that is a shoutout to the Macross franchise with it's own Valkryie Fighters and a mission to pick up Advanced versions with Cannon Rapid Fire II and Torp Spread II with Antiproton Dual Cannons and Hyper Quantum Micro-Torps. Special console allows it to Transform into a Robot and punch things.
Cruisers do not suck at DPS and Escorts are not Tanks. If you think this, you need to reread the definition of Tank.
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