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Originally Posted by logicalspock View Post
The problem is, there is no tradeoff. If you put cannons or dual cannons on a cruiser and use cannon scatter volley, you realize very quickly that there is a huge tradeoff between your ability to do high DPS and your ability to keep your target in your sights.

If you put beams on your cruiser and do a A2B+FaW build, you still do the DPS but now you do not have the tradeoff of firing arc.

You are seeing more and more escorts trying the same build because they can often do more damage simply by speed tanking and using an A2B build with FaW than they can with a traditional DHC build.

That is a pretty big indicator of an imbalance.

Either the output needs to be readjusted or we just need to eliminate cannons as a unique damage type and make all weapons calculate damage in the same way.
i dont know about anyone else, but when i put DHC on a battle cruiser i quickly see that its completely viable and awesome.

everyone is so melodramatic about beams now. flying around in one of these cruisers hitting faw as often as possible only blows up your score, and halfs or worst your effectiveness. only if there 3 or more of you doing that is it a problem. i could name 10 other things that when theres to much of it its a big problem too. like the other elephant in the room, GW.

im really not sure what game you are all playing, but its the escorts with their actual spike damage that still get the best results. you have to blow up your DPS to a huge amount in one of these cruisers to be truly dangerous, and then your more fragile then any escort thats got speed and mobility on its side. the only thing with beams that totally overwhelming is the scimitar, those should be bared from using beam arrays imo.

Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Here's the problem with that:

What range of jobs does the Escort have?

It doesn't, it has one job. Deal Damage.

When you are only designed for one role, you need to excel at it.

Not be "3-10% better" or "a little bit better" - but "significantly and clearly better".
dont act like a cruiser can be both a healer and a dps machine at the same time, only then would there be a problem. spike and timing are still overwhelmingly more effective at actually killing something. except in the case of beam scimitars.

you have run to many beam premades if you think 1 lone beam cruiser is as dangerous as 1 good lone escort at killing.

the beam premade problem is fixed by haveing faw not fire 10 shots per cycle, but 5. then they just need to bar beam arrays from scimitars. if they did that, they may not even need to do anything about overcaping.
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