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So... Does the Federation commit mass murder every time it shoots one down?

Also, what the hell is the point of a ship that big?
Pretty much. But they shouldn't fly a country into a battle zone.

The Voth have found a new homeworld, but I think they're still primarily a space borne species. 65 million years of space travel, starting with a mass immigration that they don't remember, they could have cultural remnants that they don't even understand. Like in One Piece with the Void Century, the Voth have undergone changes in their society that they don't even comprehend.

If you've already lost one homeworld, I doubt your species would want to put all their eggs in one basket. Especially since they're so resistant to change.

Alternatively they could just think that it is just as logical for a city to function as a starship as for it to sit static on the surface of a planet. A ship that size could have thirty shopping malls, two zoos, a lake, eight universities, four voting districts, a farm, a supermarket, twelve hospitals, with four egg nurseries, and a partridge-in-a-pear-tree.

And unlike Captain Picard's misgivings about families on a Galaxy class, a Voth City Ship or Fortress Ship with an absolute defense like the phase cloak could park inside a supernova and it would be about as dangerous as fireworks (unless even a phase cloak can't dodge a supernova). Or it could just...y'know shoot with all of its weapons. Can you imagine a full broadside from that thing? Like a fleet from Macross.
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I still think this fortress ship is one of the coolest hand gun designs about...
Megatron Class
Yes I support This

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