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11-05-2013, 11:25 PM
These are just a bad idea... but its been a string of 4 years of those... so to be expected.

Really they should have done this in a way that didn't ramp up dps on heavy tac console ships...

Tac consoles should have got science secondary stats or something.

The Science consoles should have gotten the tac buffs if any of them really needed that.

The engi consoles... would have made more sense getting the tac buffs as well... would have been a dps boost for the cruisers cryptic seems so worried about all of a sudden.

Instead we got science ships with crazy shield heals thanks to stacked sci consoles... and soon we will have stupid high dps hybrid cruisers that turn just like escorts. fun.

I don't know its all bad creep... and more of a strike against pvp uptake. Anyway what do I care 12v12 space is coming.
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