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11-06-2013, 01:09 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
you know something must be wrong with a faction, when the most recommanded ships are lockbox ships.
no 5 tac console ship, and no 5 forward weapon ship

i'd personally go for one of the 2 tal shiar ships, or the temp destroyer

i have 3 KDF toons and i use a guramba still on my tac, a tal shiar destroyer on my engi and a breen cruiser with my orion sci.
Tbh, I'm still pleasantly surprised nobody suggested deleting the character and rolling a Romulan instead. I have Romulans and I prefer my Klingons, all the same.

But ehm, yeah. I'd have loved a c-store (or fleet ship with discount) favourite, considering I got a whole bunch of alts - that'd make it a very easy purchase for me.

I guess I'll just try out the Kamarag I've got for a little while, to decided yea or nay for battlecruiser style ships (Fleet Kamarag/TS Battlecruiser/Torkaht), and then, by the time I got 800 lobi, decided whether to go with one of those or with the Krenn, instead.

Also @Mondoid: yes the Peghqu does look like a very nice ship, but at 150 euros for a ship (ok, ship pack for KDF/Fed/Rom), that's a little steep for me Particularly as I've already unlocked most of the other benefits.