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Originally Posted by deokkent View Post
I had an issue for a long time with ground, never paid much attention til now that I'm getting into it.

Now I could be wrong, but it seems like autofire with a fast firing weapon (full auto rifle, dual pistol etc...) makes the UI unresponsive when you click to activate an ability during a firing cycle. I don't know how to fix that, but the moment I do, I will start loving ground (not just like it lol).
Most powers only stay in your power queue (your "next up!" selection) for .5 to 1 seconds. If you're using an autofire weapon that has a 2+ second animation time and attempting to queue up a power (you can't cast two powers with activate times simultaneously), you may experience what looks like the power queueing up (gets green highlight around the icon) then leaving your power queue.

It's probably notably different on ground compared to space because space has almost no powers with activate times - that's the reason you can fire all your weapons simultaneously and also activate BOff powers while you're at it. On ground, for almost all powers, you have to use them sequentially.

Or maybe there's another bug I don't know about. If you could show a video of what you're experiencing, that'd be helpful. It sounds like a frustrating experience one way or the other.
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