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Originally Posted by carasucia83 View Post
Yay! Ground love!

I have to agree on the above comment about the bosses. Do they have to be 12 ft tall? And having them just stand around getting shot at is a bit too Assimilated Carrier for me. On that note... next to pretty much any Warbird, 'Huge' seems like a redundant adjective.

One step at a time, and it's great that some not WAI stuff that affects Ground PvP is being looked at, but some comprehensive work on the AI wouldn't go a miss for both Ground and Space in the not so distant future. I haven't been on Tribble to have a look at the new stuff though, so maybe I'm out of touch. Make me scream for a nerf!
Voth AI is a lot better (less dumb) than most of our other critters. I would love to take a hard look at all of our general AI and make it smarter just on principle, but the danger there is that better AI isn't necessarily more fun - so we'd have to make sure that AI changes are actually making the game better, not just "more realistic" or "harder" or whatnot.

One thing I'm almost definitely going to try to do is make critters use powers a little more often. Right now they have anywhere from a 2 to a 3 second cycle time between a power finishing activation and another power getting queued. A lot of that dead time is to make them feel more organic/less robotic, which it does actually succeed at - but it also makes especially ground critters feel super dumb, which is less than optimal.
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