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11-06-2013, 03:21 AM
OP, you have some very cool ideas here, although I really can't see some of them happeining with the current level of development.

For example, I think having a free ship model at each tier for each of the species within the KDF is a pipedream, considering it's taking us near 2 years to get a single T5 ship. I am also extremely doubtfull about separate storylines for those species since it seems that the focus from now on is on crossfaction content (model that I don't really like), although I'd love Cryptic to prove me wrong and hit us with that thunder from a clear sky. hehe
Having the rumors that dStahl is working on new KDF content, I certainly hope they prove me wrong and show us that even if most end-game is unified, we can expect a couple of those amazing faction specific missions every now and then which would be amazing and I for one would be very gartefull if we get this.

What I think we can realisticaly expect to get at a certain point in time is the following:

- A species specific bridge pack in the C-Store (3 bridges - Orion/Nausicaan/Gorn)
- A pair of canon Klingon costumes in the C-Store, and aditional species specific costumes in the lobi store (and only if we ask a lot for this)
- Adjustments to Boff skils that would enable the KDF to have at least some selection of space Boff traits (probably will come together with Fed. Boff adjustments)
- Species specific conversations - now this is a tricky one, while I really can't see the devs. going back and re-doing all of the KDF missions to fit each of the species present, I do believe that it's possible in future (especially KDF specific) content this to be implemented. From what I've heard, the new Federation tutorial dialogue is created in a way that takes into account the species you're playing, something that is also quite new and rare on the Federation side. That gives me the faith that maybe the same could happen in any future KDF content with the KDF species.

Other than that, I do like the idea about the species specific Captain and Boff skills which would get somekind of synergy bonuses in the away team or if the ship you're flying is a species specific ship from the same race as your Captain. I really like this, this would be cool as a unique element for the KDF because the KDF is more of an loose alliance of species with similar current interests unlike the Federation where the planets apply for membership and form one single government.
I think the devs. would do well to take a serious look at this idea, this is something that could bring a new exciting and fun element to the KDF, improve the sales of the species specific ships in the C-Store as well as a nice adition in the RP department.

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