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11-06-2013, 04:27 AM
Originally Posted by gorngonzolla View Post
Hi all,

I thought I would pop in and make you aware of some improvements we'll be making to the Spire's Tactical consoles due to player feedback. Here are the patch notes that will hit Tribble sometime in the near future:

Tactical Consoles

-Improved the damage type (Disruptor, Phaser, Chroniton, etc.) bonus on Vulnerability Exploiter and Vulnerability Locator Mk XII fleet consoles from 25.5% to 31.9%.
-Improved the weapon type (Torpedo, Beam, Cannon and Mines) bonus on Vulnerability Exploiter and Vulnerability Locator Mk XII fleet consoles from 22.3% to 27.9%.

These changes were made to make these consoles closer in potency to those found in the Embassy and Dilithium Mine.

Phil "Gorngonzolla" Zeleski
Damm, thats the worst news, not of the day, but of the whole week i would say.
I remember once in an interview, CaptainGeko asked a reporter if she knew that you could craft consoles thru doffing. Well... with this update now there isnt a point in knowing that anyway.

It totally sux for me and others who crafted them . And wasnt about getting rich either, one good console every month or two wont get you rich, trust me. I just liked crafting and this was the only reasonable way, since the original crafting died a long time ago. It was more about gambling, much like the lockbox lottery. But i guess this had to be taken from us aswell .

And everybody cries about powercreep, yet this tops them all and its praised like its next best thing since sliced bread or something. If the embaassy and mine consoles didnt make much of a difference in powercreep, DPS wise, these will, a huge one. Probablly will see soon a 1 min ISE record. Not to mention it favors large fleets, again.

This totally sux since now only reason to doff remains contraband, wich will probably be "adjusted" in the future aswell.