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11-06-2013, 05:54 AM
Yep. Plus I already had around 400 lobi from doff packs, so I'm already up to 500 now. On schedule for 800 by the end of the event. That's one of the reasons I was looking at the lobi options, as well.

Still not sold on switching to Battlecruisers, btw, Klingon or Tal Shiar. The Kamarag I'm now flying (Aux2Bat DHC build, don't really like the idea of switching to beams) feels like a step down in damage output, without gaining all that much survivability (to do with manoeuvrability and def scores on my BoP, I suspect). Just less one-shots. I remember liking it for my sci and eng, but maybe it's not quite what I want for my tac. Will test it some more, though

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