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11-06-2013, 06:25 AM
Originally Posted by westx211 View Post
Hey guys that use to sell consoles for stupid prices all I can say is "Go screw yourself" all yo care about is that this will ruin your cash flow but the majority likes this change because the majority couldn't afford to buy your consoles anyway and now this can level the playing field in pvp.
Well i guess forum mods are in vacation, so i have to say right back at ya with that insult.

1st no1 cares about PvP anyway, and you are deluding youself if you think these will level any pvp field, they will make it even more unbalanced then allready is.

2nd no1 forced any1 to buy those consoles. They only grant about 1-2% in dps, and even if you are a min/maxer and PvPer, they hardly even mattered.

3rd the reason for their price is (well was now) the same as the lockbox ships price, their rarity given by a really small chance, 25-25% for a purple from a huge list of diferent consoles, so like under 1% chance of a energy type tactical one.

4th if you couldnt afford them its your problem, but there wasnt any drawbacks, there were more like a bragging items anyway, and bragging rights come with a price preatty much everywhere.

While I am concerned about the power creep I have to say... IN YOUR FACE price manipulating crowd. I hope you enjoyed your dirty money
How was this dirty money and manipulation??? I crafted them only on 1 toon with an average of 1 good console every 1-2 month or so, wich i allways listed on the exchange with the lowest price i found on the exchange.