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11-06-2013, 06:29 AM
Notice how dead the romulan flotilla forums are lately?

Anyways, on topic, I really want to see something designed after the shadow class added as a romulan science vessel.

Here's a few reference pics:

It's not an overly large vessel, I'd say probably simlar in size (at least length) to the ar'kif or mogai, maybe even smaller. Very similar head section to the d'deridex, but smaller, and a more compact body and wings meant to look more sleek/blade like.

As a 3/3 science vessel it'd work great. I'd probably suggest a Commander Science, Lt science, lt engineer, lt tactical, and lt universal for boff layout - that'd give it a fairly balanced base setup and some ability to customize it more for either support or offense. 2/4/3 console layout, 2/5/3 or 2/4/4 for the fleet version.

A triple pack could work for it as well, with some variance in the wing, head, and hull designs between each of the 3 ships. I'd say maybe even give it a single hangar like the vesta, and introduce some tiercel/kestrel type hangar craft for the romulan faction.

I'd also really like to see aux plasma cannons for it. I'm a big fan of the vesta, and love the aux phasers it has. Perhaps instead of dual cannons, give it aux-powered plasma dual beam banks? In fact I'd go so far as to say that it should be almost a copy of the vesta series, stats-wise: Give it the chroniton integrated quantum slipstream drive, and then 3 unique abilities (one for each variant).
I'd say for the tactical version, a singularity siege weapon similar to the ar'kif (and similar to the deflector phaser cannon for the vesta). For the science version, a phase cloak like the d'ridthau, but perhaps offering increased singularity power generation while active, and for the engineer version a beam-like heal (like hazard emitters) that restores both shields and hull?

Just an idea.

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