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Originally Posted by brewtolomus View Post
Thanks for the advice.
I am going to equip that ship with decent gear first. But my toons are dirt poor, so that's gonna take some time.
I don't want to take anything from the ship I'm using now to put on that carrier. I tried out my engineer on the new ship to try and get used to flying that pig.
It's gonna take a bit.
Thats cool. However, I really would not be worried about "decent gear" on the ship. The vast majority of this game is balanced around the gear that comes with the ships. Its far more about the boff slots and their abilities than the gear in them.

I leveled a few characters to 50 during the Q event, and I never bought anything for their ships until I hit 50. Just used drops and mission rewards. And I was not going out of my way to hit certain missions for their rewards either, just took all the missions in the Klingon front in order and did the patrol missions in Regulus and Sirius. At 50, I still had a mxII phaser relay on an escort, one random sci console in a tier 5 science, etc.

When I talk about the boff slots for example, on the tac in an escort I leveled, I kept the weapons. If you have flown an escort, you know they come from the factory equipped with a mixture of beam, cannons and torps. So, for my Boff abilities, all the tac slots were were not weapons specific; just tac teams and the patterns. The Eng and Sci skills were all about tanking. I did the keybinds and dragged the boff powers to the linked trays, and thats it, just warped in, spammed space bar, killed everything. Was it super fast? No, but fast enough. Only time I died was after I hit 50, and a D'D in an Alpha Centauri patrol mission hit me with a bunch of tractor mines and stuff at once.

Heck, on my Klingon sci in the vo'quv, I was in Azalea last night, turning the ship around to grab a drop, and my four BOP pets wandered within aggro range of final cube in the mission. I was completely out of engagement range (like 15 k away), but my pets pretty much insta killed it before I realized it (they dropped a shield facing and dumped a bunch of quantums into the gap). I just shook my head. With the swarmers on the Obelisk, them constantly spamming transphasics really wear down mobs fast, especially when they all alpha a lone mob.

So, with the equipment that comes with the Obelisk, you are fine. Shell our for some white X or XI consoles (dirt cheap), set up your boff's correctly, and you will starting thinking the same thing I do - just why do I need better equipment?