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11-06-2013, 07:06 AM
The fact that STOs "Empire" is just a red federation bothered me from the start. It doesn't make any sense and doesn't give enough credit to the involved people we know from Star Trek. It's especially ridiculous that Qo'Nos is populated by 60-70% "outsiders" - Klingons wouldn't tolerate that, the same goes for giving away their equipment and military secrets etc. - I'm especially bothered by the Orions which pretty much ARE the new Empire since they simply infiltrated every single house and zero f's were given by our brave warriors...

What I think should have been done (will never happen, though) is that every ally/vassal to the Klingon Empire got their own social zone, e.g. Homeworld/Space station with it's own short missions that explain why the F you are "member" of the Empire. Every people should have their own vessels, of course a Nausicaan playr could purchae the other ship as well but the social zone's shipyard would distribute unique ship(s) for every ally species.

The Klingon Empire just doesn't work like a red federation would with all the shared instances. You would especially not see a Gorn ambassador talking in Klingon cliches or Orions caring about the whole warrior's honour.

The KDF faction is a major screw-up for every single fan of it's portrayed subfactions. Honestly, who wanted to play an Orion wearing a Klingon uniform, commanding Klingon ships and be adressed as such?

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