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Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design. Your Allies , up there on the Dyson sphere, are walking into a trap, as is your Federation Fleet . It was *I* who allowed the Romulans to know the location of the Omega molecules. It is quite safe from your pitiful little band. An entire legion of my best Dinosaurs awaits them.

Oh, I'm afraid the Voth Fortress will be quite operational when your friends arrive.
Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL fortress ship!
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I am afraid that this is not a good direction, because firing RANGE is only 10KM. It makes from STO game of a dogfights. These big ships are maybe epic but inappropriate to play. Every ship larger than 500 m is too big because firing range in STO is only 10 km (in tv show 300000km )
Your statement is not totally acceptable. The Galaxy class is itself 642 m in length. Though I agree 10 km is too short, it also makes sense in the scheme of the game and the franchise. Most of the top tier end game ships with the exception of Birds of Prey and escorts are gonna go right through the 500m mark.

While phaser range is 300k km and torpedo range is longer, that's also an extreme distance for a ship to dodge. Most battles in the shows actually took place at the knife fight ranges of about 10km. Which makes sense because in ships that move at relativistic speeds and have faster than light sensors a whole light second is actually plenty of time for a computer to dodge.

That said extending range to fifteen km (and sensor range to 20km) probably isn't a bad idea. And especially against the Fortress a much longer firing range makes sense, since it isn't going anywhere....unless it phases.
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I don't know nearly nothin', but a borg cube isn't really a model for a living society. From the little that I think I do know, Borg living appointments are little more than a space to stand, they (likely) eat Nutripaste (tm) or 'Soylent Borg' (tm) (lol, came up with that one just now!) and really don't need much in terms of recreational spaces of lounging areas... so they probably fit 100-1000x the number of people into a normal living space.

I suspect there are dissertation-level analyses of this stuff out there (wave arms dramatically) in the Big Internet World; I just haven't had a chance to look...
Borg don't eat. Remember Seven of Nine retained her regeneration alcove for years, and had to be slowly reintroduced to eating because her digestive system had essentially atrophied from eighteen years of disuse.

Think more along the lines of rechargeable vacuum cleaners always plugged into a wall. Then stacked.
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