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11-06-2013, 08:05 AM
You guys are looking at this wrong.
It's a "CityShip." You guys are focused on the ship, not the city.

NYC has an average population per square mile (as of 2010) of 27,012.

The CityShip is 135km long. Let's say 40km wide (I don't know for sure, just a rough guess.)
135x40 = 5400 square kilometers.
5400kmsq = 2085misq

2085x27012 = 56320020

Now, you might say that the Voth Ship isn't flat, it's 3d, and so we should be measureing cubic miles or something. Keep in mind that NYC isn't exactly flat either. Large buildings hold many people on a small square footage. Same for the Voth Ship. Though I would say the Voth Ship is likely more dense than NYC, so 56 million may be conservative.
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