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Originally Posted by captjamjamz View Post
This ship is larger than the whale probe from Star Trek IV, bigger than V'ger even.

The fortress ship comes in at over 7 times longer than a Super Star Destroyer, and has a length that is about 10% longer than the diameter of the Deathstar Mk.1.

The fortress ship is between 7 and 8 times longer than the Titans in Eve.

I'm afraid it's still smaller than V'GER. Depending on which cut of the motion picture you see, V'GER was stated to be either 2 AU, or 82 AU in diameter (granted this was just the exterior energy cloud, but it was still part of V'GER).

Which basically means, V'GER is the same size of the Dyson Sphere itself, or a hell of a lot larger.

Unless you are talking purely about the smaller craft in the cloud centre. In which case, we could just throw the Unimatrix ships in as it.

I look forward to throwing my Sovie into this monster.

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