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I agree, we aren't a armored version of the Federation, we don't use sick and unethical things like diplomacy, subterfuge, and the subverting of all cultures that they coexist with we don't use such foul means of treachery, nor do we just say the phrase "prime directive" as a excuse not to intervene on a morally wrong issue.

They will leave their own citizens to die to a foreign power* and rather then help them and did NOTHING about it, Worse yet they called their own citizens traitors for defending themselves yet it was the Federation that betrayed their own citizens, We Klingons however helped them It was the honorable thing to do, while the Federation just sat back on their soft and weak rear ends saying that we were the unethical, bloodthirsty, unintelligent, slow, and evil in the flesh, The attitude of the Federation is sick for being such a 'tolerant' and 'peace loving' galactic power.

*See the Demilitarized zone.
Actually the prime directive is not an excuse to not get involved in morally wrong things that are happening.

The prime directive has to do with not getting involved in the natural evolution of a species.

Like LT. Tom Paris did on Voyager Episode 30 Days.

Or like the Horizon did to the society on the planet Sigma Iota II.
Kirk, Spock and Mccoy had to fix the damage which was done by the Federation in the first place.