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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Very strange. Have you checked your firewall and AV settings? We're not seeing anything on our end that should be preventing you. Possible OS update issue? The account sever hasn't been down recently (except during maintenance) and the forums/ website issues yesterday were not related to the game or AS.


Brandon =/\=
I had to delete the game from my 'puter and reload it, to finally be able too at least, get back in without a timeout.

Now that I'm back in, it took several (like ten) CTD's before I was able to complete "Sphere of Influence" on my Fed. toon.

I then tried to initiate it on my Romulan toon, but the game times out and CTD every single time I click on D'Tans "Accept" button.
(finally gave up after about twenty tries this morning)

My Firewall hasn't changed in ages and I'm not having any problems with any of the other myriad of web sites I connect too.

I didn't start having any problems, till after the Oct. 21st patch.
Since that point, on many occasions, the game has actually forced my modem to crash also.

I'm of the opinion that the game itself isn't really the problem, but trying to connect through cogent in Boston, is the culprit.

My tracert's have all pretty much shown that that is "the weakest link"!

I still have to re-patch TRIBBLE, I'm not even going to bother with Redshirt at this point, since it'll probably be gone in a week or two anyway.

Funny thing is, I haven't really had any problems with the Launcher or DL'ing the patches, it's only been just trying to play the game.
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