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If you really want people that don't do ground pvp to give it a try though..the issue of shared skill points/traits between ground and space needs to be addressed. It is the #1 thing I see people use as an excuse not to try it. "My character is specced for the space, so I'll be at a disadvantage." Which is true.

On the topic of capping dodge.. my thought is that with 1000-3000 damage hits happening daily in ground pvp, any change to the dodge mechanic.. might not end well.

I have been out of the loop for a few months regarding ground pvp due to all the issues it has, but as far as I know these are things that could all still use addressing...

1) Broken Hold Resistance, as seen in this video.
As you can see, you can be hit by a phaser stun proc over and over... not fun at all.

2) Tray lock caused by being on the receiving end of the omega carbine, or cryo immobilizer module. I recall this being particularly nasty. Likely caused by the immobilize proc.

3) Tactical doffs that turn Ambush into a damage over time attack have a stacking issue with the plasma fire from plasma grenades. If you sit in the plasma fire for any length of time, the ambush dot will stack on you over and over again. This is pretty much a death sentence.

4) Distortion Field 2-piece Omega Set bonus power has an unintended effect if your character has the Covert trait. If your target is around 25m or further from you, and you have distortion field up while firing a sniper shot, or throwing a plasma grenade.. the grenade impact circle will not show up, nor will the sniper's secondary fire "laser pointer". It is trivially easy to do a one-two punch using this tactic to down a target from range. Combine this with the Ambush Dot doff issue.. and you can see why it's a problem.

5) The Adapted MACO Pulsewave Rifle's photon grenade doesn't show an impact circle. Similar to the distortion field issue. Both of these issues suck if a person wants to use these weapons/sets. I removed the Covert trait from my alien tactical officer a long time ago due the distortion field bug, but their is no getting around this one. Only to not use the gun really.

That is all I could think of for now. Thank you for your time and have a good day.
Yeah, adding an extra 44k skill points would get rid of the vast majority of complaints, you'd be able to fully spec into both areas.

Dodge needs a fix, there is no doubt about this. The only time you are going to get an attack over 1000 damage is if you are stacking tactical buffs or you get a Critical hit + Expose. 3000 damage hits are extremely rare and may only be dealt via a pulsewave assault weapon or perhaps a super buffed sniper shot on Critical hit + expose. An attack dealing 1000 damage will cost a tactical officer all of his buffs, and a full health target will survive. It would take 1526.65 damage to kill my science officer with a single shot before factoring in most heals. Sniper rifles have a long chargeup and they won't be dealing that level of damage unless I am exposed. You need to be close in order to shoot me with a pulsewave, in which case you run into the various downsides of getting close to a player. Not to mention the damage is reduced by range.

With the launch of Legacy of Romulus, we all got +7.5% maximum health from Tier I Nukara. Combined with the trait revamp, everyone has Peak health for +10% maximum health. Oneshotting someone is no longer the meta of the game. The majority of LoR experienced tactical officers are now saving Ambush to finish a target, rather than opening an attack with ambush.

Hold Resistances are working correctly. A resistance is not an immunity in any sense. Hold resistances further decrease the duration of a hold. If you dislike stuns, the 2 piece adapted MACO, Hypos, and the Mental Discipline clickable power will all clear stuns. Hypos have a 20 second cooldown with duty officers, Adrenaline booster has a 45 second cooldown, and Mental Discipline has a 4 minute cooldown. The latter two abilities can be reduced via Tactical initiative.

The Omega Force Autocarbine proc is fixed per se, it's reduced by willpower and cleared by the same abilities that clear stuns. Alone it's just another weapon. The real problem is Cryo Immobilizer module, as it cannot be reduced or cleared. When combined with the Omega Force Autocarbine, it can also create constant immobilize procs on a target. Last I heard this is getting fixed soon.

The bugged interaction between Plasma Grenades and DoT doffs I've brought up several times before. As far as I know, Cryptic knows about the problem. With all of the ground fixes at the moment, this bug's days may be numbered.

The "Distortion Field Bug" is true for any stealth ability. If a stealthed opponent uses an attack from beyond a player's perception range, any ability animations are hidden from view.

The impact circle on the Adapted MACO and KHG Pulsewave isn't that concerning. Not many people use the weapon anyway because that grenade it fires has a long cooldown and the weapon itself is basically a [Dmg]x4 modded weapon without an archwave setting. The grenade also deals kinetic damage, which means that only 50% of the attack will bypass shields.