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11-06-2013, 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by atlantra View Post
Seems like a massive mistake. I see now, they're not going to stop until people have a 95% crit chance. Hopefully they rethink this.

+28.9% damage would be fine for the consoles. Then again, I forgot greed and money is in control here. Silly me. At this rate-- by year 2016 people will have 60% crit rates and they'll be 15 reputations... I guess I'll enjoy the ride until it blows up
its just the power creep in action. on the plus side unless they decided that they have to one up the current status of sci, engineering, and now tac consoles, the creep in that area should mostly stop. course uni consoles, ships, weapons, doffs, so on and so forth still offer endless space to creep.