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11-06-2013, 10:32 AM
I personally would love to see the following:

A resistance to immobilize as right now there is no resistance to that in the game. Perhaps a 10 second total resistance after being hit with the immobilize? That would give a total 5-8 seconds before being hit again with it after the current immobilize wears off. This would prevent the carbine from completely infinitely repeating and allowing you to be mowed down and kill back to back cryo procs.

I would also like to see something like the above mentioned for phaser stun proc's.. This goes back to willpower being broken as willpower does not resist to stun, as it should.

Also your 'fix' to KB is not a fix at all. Unfortunately you still receive the proc from the KB itself, you just don't get knocked down.. all you really did there is make it so the graphics doesn't show you getting knocked down but there is still a period in which your tray is locked after getting what would normally be a KB.

I would love for the omega shots to stop. By this I mean the part where you get hit by omega sniper user and can not see yourself being dotted. Unfortunately though, I do not really see this as being a 'bug' and more of a general concern for new members.

I would also love to see the false vaporization taken out. Toons can be falsely vaporized and just saying its an engineer you can no longer see them hitting you with an orbital. You can't even see the toon, just a name above their head. I realize this is a bug predating back to season 7 before LoR.

Another thing I would love to see stopped is stacking the cloak with the omega distortion. Unfortunately if stacked you can not even see the person with the nukara cloak hunter set. On top of that some people have gotten to where they use the cloak and then upon uncloaking they have the omega up and by the time they finish their attack they are recloaked and running.

Their are tons of other problems on ground but thats some of the main 'bugs' that are being faced.

"Working as intended"... 1 year later they "fix" it.