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11-06-2013, 11:03 AM
Well not only do we need more science ships for both the KDF and Romulans, roms also need a dedicated tac line and enginnering line.

Cause if you look at the tier 2 and 3 romulan warbirds, they are Science heavy far as BOFFs. Far as comp slots Dhelan has more tac slots but the mogai is even spread between tack and science.

What they REALLY need to do is even if it's the same damn ship 3 times for each track, split it up so each track has different officers and slots if you can't find enough ships. A mogai tactical bird, Mogai crusier and Mogai exploration[science] variant.

Least each track would have a ship tailored to that track. And far as the Rear Admiral ships, they need a COMPLETE redisgn. They are all HORRID to look at.
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