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11-06-2013, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by mazzmanone View Post
my gosh man, this is a game, not life!

so all I see is people talking about how grindy the game is, how long it takes to do something, and all I see is a bunch of people that think they should be gods in a game that they are to prevent people from being just that,

if you look at star trek as a whole, everyone is equal, it wasn't what they had to do anything with, it was thinking on how to do it with what you had, turning rocks and bamboo in to a cannon, learning how something works and moving past it with only the rocks and bamboo.

one mans dream, a dream that we can all live together and work together as a hole. he has to be rolling in his grave.

it's about concept, not power!!!!

just a thought
I think you missed the point here.

Everyone at cryptic including the community manager branflakes and even in the live videos and podcasts were talking about how simplified this new system is. The marks are lower reward wise because the input needed was lower. New token 1 input and bam 20 hr project done. New project 1 hour timer and bam 5 tokens so the casual player can stock up.

Gear costs were also supposed to be lower because of this new system. Then for some reason without warning, cause or explanation they double the cost of the gear and they double the input into the rep system making the new small project with the 1 hour timer useless.

OH did I mention the reward form the new content hasn't been increased to coincide with the increased input cost.

Call me crazy but I think they are shooting them self in the head with this one and should change it back.

If this goes live I won't be grinding the new content or the new rep. Shoot I already haven't touched the NUKARA rep because I am sick of the grinding.

I don't want to be able to max the rep in a week all I want is to not have to endlessly grind for weeks and months to get something t5 and then grind endlessly to get the gear.

If they want to make a simplified system then leave it alone as it was don't make change just because you feel like it one day.